Entrepid Partners helps early-stage B2B tech startups achieve rapid, sustainable growth. Headquartered in San Francisco, we work closely with founders and early sales teams to create successful go-to-market approaches through aggressive goal-setting, proven sales frameworks, and early sales hire. 

We provide a 3rd-party evaluation of the go-to-market efforts, formulate a strategic growth plan, and help the team execute through our series of frameworks and methodologies. We tackle sales process, overall go-to-market strategy, messaging, sales hiring, lead generation, sales training, content marketing, customer development, and other topics.

We strive to bring a consultative approach to the heart of the sales process. We believe that putting the customer first ensures that you understand your customers’ needs, spend time on the deals that have the best chance of closing, and bring more of your ideal customers through the funnel to scale your business faster.


Tyler Gaffney
Founder & CEO

Tyler founded Entrepid to help entrepreneurs build and scale their companies. He served as the VP of Sales at WePay, which was acquired for $400 million by J.P. Morgan Chase, for more than four years, successfully leading sales, business development, marketing, support, and recruiting to grow the startup from $0 to more than $1 billion in payments volume. Prior to WePay, he worked at GE Healthcare, where he also completed GE’s rigorous commercial leadership program. A graduate of Boston College, he is currently the Sales Expert in Residence at First Round Capital. 


Bryan Harris

Bryan was one of Tyler’s early sales hires at WePay. He was consistently WePay’s #1 sales rep and helped hire, train, and build the sales team from 5 to 30 people during his four-year tenure there. Before joining Entrepid, he has worked with several companies, including Castle.io, Legion, Ironclad, 42 Technologies, Binti, and Tesorio. Bryan is an expert at cold email campaigns and helping companies recruit their first sales hire. He has made seven first sales hire placements over the last 12 months. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business.